SOS Affiliation

“Et Gloriam Servo Bellator”

Our Mission is to help and support Veterans and First Responders.

Service people, men and woman who have stepped up and acknowledged by actions that to serve and protect is the better good.

This self-sacrifice is both difficult and some times unhealthy. It’s because of this spirt that eight years ago SOS started taking their modern-day heroes hunting and fishing. In 2018, we were able to come under the umbrella of Helicopters for Heroes, H4H.

SOS is now squadron for H4H with the new call sign H4H-SOS. Helicopters for Heroes –  Service Operations Support.  This merger allowed us both to grow, making a dream of Phillip Brooks and Tim Weiland both bloom into something greater than the individual efforts.

SOS owes a great debt of gratitude to Phil and the H4H board.

Together we have a year-round hunting fishing and support group capable of truly expressing our thanks to the service-minded citizens willing to protect and defend our great nation.

Together H4H and SOS have grown into a year-round support group assisting where we can with more than just hunting and fishing.

God bless the Warriors and First Responders of our great nation.

Please join and support us in this effort to say “Thank you for your service”!

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Thank you for visiting the Helicopters for Heroes website. To learn more about our nonprofit organization, or to share your questions or comments, please email us using this form. To speak with a volunteer from Helicopters for Heroes immediately, call 469-772-0258.

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