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Introduction to the new H4H

Welcome to the new website for Helicopters for Heroes, a charity organization dedicated to supporting our nation's veterans and educating our nation’s youth about the importance of the sacrifice given to this country by our veterans and first responders. We are excited to launch this site as a platform to connect with our supporters and share our mission and events with the world. Since our founding, our organization has hosted a range of events to raise money to benefit veterans and other veteran-focused charities. Our signature event is our helicopter hog hunt, which provides a thrilling hunting experience while supporting a great cause.

We also host an annual golf tournament, a BBQ cook-off, and other events throughout the year. Through these events, we have been able to make a tangible difference in the lives of our veterans. We have provided critical resources and support to those who have served our country and helped to foster a sense of community and connection among our veteran population. Our new website will serve as a hub for all of our events and initiatives.

Here, you can learn more about our organization and our mission, browse our upcoming events, and find out how you can get involved and support our cause. We are thrilled to have this new platform to connect with our supporters and share our message with the world. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about what we do and how you can help us make a difference in the lives of our veterans. Thank you for your support!

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